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A glass of wine, a beer, a glass of whiskey, so .. It's all delicious! But for many people there comes a time When a glass of alcohol to (Temporarily) not allowed. This can have many reasons. Consider drug use, pregnancy, diet or car journey home! And do not forget ..: simply volunteered as an alcohol-free lifestyle is healthier! 

But you want to enjoy! Also a nice glass of cola glass .. That comes after a while really your nose!, providence a wide range of alcohol-free alternatives. These are mostly delicious alcoholic wines  and non-alcoholic beers , but usefull alcoholic ciders and cocktails

Our wide range includes both the Netherlands and abroad found for you. All drinks ourselves and test only the tastiest drinks have a place in our assortment. We of course be usefull Constantly looking for tasty non-alcoholic beverages to expand our range with. Do you, perhaps abroad, an alcoholic beverage drunk That you'd like to see in our catalog. Send us an email at or call 070-2600030. 

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An old saying goes, "Something selling is absolutely not Difficult, make sure you someone continuous to buy even more." At we believe it is very much value the feedback we receive from our customers. Unfortunately, not all our soft drinks are good, but we can make sure That things like delivery times, responses to questions and (unexpectedly) dealing with complaints are optimal!

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Our goal is to finish this year with at least a 9.3. Will you help? Comments, Corrections or complaints please email or you can always call us at 070-2600030,

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For visit again? That can of course! Do you make an appointment through070-2600030, I'll make sure I'm there!

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Our Chamber of Commerce number is 27362075
Our VAT number is NL146125137B02

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